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Learn About The Traffic Squad

Donley G. DeGroot

Traffic Squad Captain

Kent County Sheriff's Office

Traffic Squad​​​

Kent County Sheriff's Office: Traffic Squad

The Traffic Squad is an all volunteer unit serving the citizens of Kent County since 1917 making us one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the country. We function under the auspices of the Kent County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young.


We count among our past and present members some of West Michigan finest citizens, including Gerald R. Ford, Sr., who was Captain in 1936 and 1937 and just happens to be the father of President Gerald R. Ford, Jr. This long tradition of service and leadership lives on today.  As needs change in the law enforcement community, our efforts and services are also evolving and expanding to address these needs.


To meet these increasing demands, The Squad continues to recruit qualified men and women who have a strong interest in law enforcement oriented community service and are able to meet the rigorous personal and ethical standards required of individuals active in law enforcement.

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