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Joining Traffic Squad

Enforcement and Mounted Unit Officers have successfully completed and graduated from The Traffic Squad Reserve Officer Training Academy and are sworn as Special Deputies with The Kent County Sheriff’s Office.​

All officers must complete the Department’s various annual qualifications and continuing education requirements as well as those established by The Squad’s Training Unit.

Although members of these units have full police powers while on duty, they always work in conjunction with a full time deputy or law enforcement officer.  Their role is that of a support officer, assisting the full time deputy or officer with the performance of their duties.

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General Members

General Members may attend all meetings, become a member of the Administrative Board and be involved with all unit activities that do not require a law enforcement function.

To apply for and become a General Member, you must:

  1. Be 21 years of age
  2. Complete a membership application, which is available from the Captain or Membership Lieutenant
  3. Successfully pass a Criminal History, Driving background and fingerprint check
  4. Be approved for membership by the Sheriff’s Department Administration
  5. Pass an interview with the Applicant Review Board
  6. Be approved by a vote of the General Members.

Law Enforcement Members

Law Enforcement Membership, which includes the Enforcement, IT Forensics Analysis and Mounted Units:

  1. Possess a valid Michigan Driver’s License
  2. Be able to meet all requirements as outlined in the membership application
  3. Successfully complete an in depth Enforcement Unit Board Interview
  4. Pass an extensive background investigation
  5. Be approved by The Sheriff’s Department Administration for acceptance into the Enforcement, IT Forensics Analysis and/or Mounted Unit(s).
Traffic Squad - Application Request
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