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Traffic Squad | Training
Traffic Squad | Training
Traffic Squad | Training


The academy consists of over 30 classes including Physical Training

Classes are held at the Kent County Sheriff's Department, typically two nights per week in 4 hour blocks.

Students must complete 30 military style pushups, 30 sit-ups and run a mile under 9 minutes depending upon age.

Students should show up for the first day of the academy in shape. 

Each instructional class entails a quiz requiring a minimum score of 80% including.

Classes cover a wide range of law enforcement topics including some of the following:

  • Criminal Law

  • Traffic Law

  • Cruiser Familiarization

  • Policy and Procedures

  • Directing Traffic

Firearms and Subject control training are "hands on" classes that require qualifying (For firearms training, annual qualification is required).

There are two final examinations.

Combat Shooting Training

Use of Force Training

Use of Force Training   

Members of the Kent County Sheriff Department, Traffic Squad unit, learn tactics in use of force training.

Use of Force Training
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